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Budget Real Estate (NZ) Ltd
PO Box 251030
Manukau 2140
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Who is Budget Real Estate (NZ) Ltd?

We’re a small, committed, ‘down to earth’ kind of agency, doing all the little old-fashioned things that some people may have forgotten. We never forget the importance of a friendly and professional attitude.

We have three strong principles that guide us. A strong brand, a strong customer focus, and a strong environmental commitment. Our aim is to create a brand that is recognised for its’ values:

            Value for Money
            Outstanding Service
Honesty and Transparency

 We do plain, old-fashioned real estate.  Nothing more, and certainly, nothing less!

Why did we start this business?
We believe that for many people, the cost of selling property is too high!  We are dedicated to making professional real estate services affordable to everyone.

You no longer need to run the risk of making a mistake by trying to sell your property privately, or worry about how much the real estate agent is going to ‘take’ – you can now enjoy full service at our special Budget rate.

What makes us different?
We listen, and we respect that you are the client.  That’s why we don’t believe in pushing you into a whole lot of fancy stuff, like advertising your property in places that your target buyer isn’t likely to look.

We’ll never try and tie you into a long-term contract. Our standard listing period is a mere 45 days.  After that, if we haven’t sold your property, you’re free!  Of course, if you do wish to renew the listing, we’ll do so on a 21 day basis. So you’ll never feel trapped by a company which appears to have lost interest.

We won’t baffle you with technical talk. We understand that there are many issues that need to be discussed, but we won’t be pushing just one philosophy or methodology to suit our own preferences.  We’ll give you all the information and time you need to make fully informed decisions – every step of the way.

How do we achieve such low fees?
We don’t own or lease expensive, main-street premises, which does away with the associated running cost such as rent, insurance and power.

We are also constantly striving to minimise overheads and expenditure. And striving to do away with all the unnecessary frills that don’t actually help to achieve the result you’re looking for. We focus on what needs to be done.

One of our main differences is what we like to call our ‘virtual office’ – everything we do is online, saving time, paper and other consumables.  We like to think it adds to our ‘green’ credibility!  And that’s good for the planet and good for your wallet!

Our ownership structure
We’re a 100% New Zealand owned, limited liability company.  We aren’t constrained by overseas corporate policies that don’t suit the Kiwi lifestyle, nor do we pay enormous franchise fees.

Our promise to you
It’s simple …  You’ll get professional photography, extensive online marketing and the personalised, consistent service that comes from a boutique agency, yet only be asked to pay just 1.95% commission* when your property sells. 

Our unconditional guarantee of service
If you have any concerns or problems, we’ll do everything in our power to resolve the issue within 24 hours. If that’s not possible, you can rely on our unconditional guarantee of service.

If we can’t meet your expectations for any reason, we’ll happily withdraw our agency agreement with you, and you’ll be free to list your property with another agency.